Who Am I?

Name: Roger Helms
Arrived RVN: August 16, 1969
Left RVN: August 15, 1970
Company: D
email: helms911@juno.com

Roger Helms, 1969

During may tour I was assigned to Co D 2d Bn (M) 22d Infantry. I started handling Aerial Resupply with Snooks. I not sure what Platoon,we just went and did our Job.

"Pages from my Personal Scrapbook follow!"

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Sheet 3

Sheet 4

Sheet 5

Sheet 6

Sheet 7

Sheet 8a(Sand Bagging: Left to right, Knolls, Hickmeir, Leblanc, Victor Vecera and Mckinny)

Sheet 8b

Sheet 9

Sheet 10

Sheet 11

Sheet 12

Sheet 12b

Sheet 13

Sheet 14

Sheet 15

Sheet 16

Sheet 17

Sheet 17b

Sheet 18

Sheet 19