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Triple Deuce Photo Albums Index

Contributed by those who were there or their families.

Help us identify the names of our brothers. If you know someone in a photo, that has no name identification, send and information you have to Please send any of the following: Name of the photo album, Description on the thumbnail photo, Name (or nickname) of individuals you can identify, Location and finally the Year the picture might have been taken.

Our goal is to enable everyone to have picture albums posted here and to name everyone we can. The former limitation of 81 pictures has been removed!!. See the new instructions for sending pictures here: ...Click here for more Information

Albums from Our Members and Families
1. Photos from Steve Irvine, B Co. 1968-69 2. Photos from Jimmie Robinson, B Co. 1968-69
3. Photos from Doug Lyall B Co. 1968-69 4. Photos from P. Gary O'Rourke A Co. 1969-70
5. Photos from Jim May Provisional Co. 1968-69 6. Photos from Jackie Lewis D Co. 1968-69
7. Photos from Eric Steffensen A Co. 1970 8. Photos from Dennis Coffey A Co. 1970
9. Photos from Burt Lockwood Battalion Adjutant 1970 10. Photos from Paul Williams A Co., C Co. 1967-68
11. Photos from Roger Helms D Co. 1969-70 12. Photos from Bill Lechner A Co. 1970
13. Photos from Victor (Jose) Vecera A Co. 1970 14. Photos from Joe Spado B Co. 1969
15. Photos from James Mancini HHC 1967-68 16. Photos from Al Caputo A Co. 1970
17. Photos from John Spangler A Co. 1969-70 18. Photos from Larry Theis, KIA May 22, 1970
19. Photos from Lawrence "Kent" Hubbel B Co. 1967 (from his daughter Marci) 20. Photos from Mike Bluemel A Co. 1970
21. Photos from Harless Belcher C Co. 1968-69 22. Photos from Tom Becker, KIA March 6, 1969
23. Photos from Lon Oakley A Co. 1969 24. Photos from Dick Pauly A Co. 1969-70
25. Photos of Triple Deuce, from Christopher Gaynor, 77th Artillery 1967-68 26. Photos from Raymond Bustard Recon 1967-69, via his son, Captain Mike Bustard
27. Photos from Larry Kutchey, KIA, November 25, 1968 28. Photos from Mike Carpentier B Co. 1966-67
29. Photos from Robert (Bob) Paul A Co. 1969-70 30. Photos from Jim Hardin C Co. 1967
31. Photos from Bill Noyes B Company 1968-69 32. Charlie Company Photos 1968-69
33. Photos from JW Jacobs B Company 1966-67 34. Photos from Hengry Fugate B Company 1968-69
35. Photos from Brett Jones A Company 1969-70